Mission Statement

The purpose of A Harmonic Remedy is to improve elderly care. As time progresses, we have recognized the elderly to be the most neglected demographic of society. Medical care provides ample attention to the people suffering from debilitating mental illnesses. However, senior citizens are deprived of adequate attention when it comes to a sickness that has been pervading amongst the elderly: loneliness. Through our various initiatives, AHR strives to soothe that loneliness and connect the elderly with younger generations.  

Initiative One

Although music lacks the concrete biological effects provided by western medicine, it is a medium by which people can share their compassions with each other. Music and personal attention goes a long way to relieving elderly of neglect and their loneliness; sometimes more so than drugs relieve depression. We strive to play music for the elderly and provide them attention which they sometimes lack. 

Initiative Two

Project SPARK is dedicated to linking kids with their elderly kin. By partnering with local elementary schools, AHR provides projects to "spark" conversations with grandparents and great aunts/ uncles. It is our hope that these conversations will help families stay connected and traditions to be carried through generations for many years to come.