Elderly Home Fundraiser: Part 2

The elderly home fundraiser was a big success! The crowd at the elderly home was far larger than we had expected and included both the residents and their families. As a result of the performance, the elderly home was able to raise substantial funds that will continue to support individual elderly activities and elderly well-being in the community as a whole. I like to give a special thanks to Rivtka, a manager at the elderly home, who was very active in helping us coordinate and expedite the event. Without her help, organizing the event would have taken significantly longer and the turnout would not have been as large. In addition to the flute trio I mentioned in the previous post, I would like to thank Madison Starr (left) who came all the out here to photograph the event. I would also like to thank Rachel Burak (second from the left) for her amazing piano finale. Both students are from Calabasas High School. Finally, I would like to thank all the parents, families, and administrators that helped make this event possible. As always, all our members enjoyed talking with the residents after the performance and we hope they enjoyed the performance that we organized. Hopefully, we can continue to coordinate more fundraisers like this for this particular elderly home and others in the elderly community!