Project Spark

I am so excited announce the launch of Project Spark! A Harmonic Remedy mainly targets elderly residents in senior living homes because they often feel neglected. However, it came to our attention that many of the elderly we know personally feel lonely as well despite being visited by family members.

Over the past few years, my own grandfather has lost his hearing. Nowadays, he rarely speaks and only gestures when he needs something. My family continues to engage him in discussions, but it is apparent that many of the activities my cousins and I used to participate in are no longer possible. We learned Vietnamese by singing traditional songs with our grandfather and reading poetry. Although he can no longer hear us, my grandfather often asks for us to sing his favorite songs. Without taking the time to learn the songs during our childhoods, my cousins and I would not be able to fulfill this simple request, thus losing an easy point of connection.

With this in mind, A Harmonic Remedy began Project Spark. This project is devoted to "sparking" conversations with elderly loved ones, specifically directed at younger children. Each month, a new theme and question are chosen, and children find their answers by speaking to their grandparents, great grandparents, or great aunts and uncles. It is our hope that these questions help children learn about their backgrounds as well as provide an easy conversation starter with their grandparents who they may have a difficulty relating to.

Recently, I had the pleasure of premiering the first installment of Project Spark at Chaparral Elementary. The theme for November was "Thankful for Traditions," and students were prompted to ask their family about a longstanding family tradition. As responses roll in, I look forward to sharing stories from my own community! We look forward to expanding Project Spark and hope that you will join us in this journey.