Letters to the Elderly! 💌

Hi everyone! Given the recent circumstances, we've been unable to visit many of the residents we have come to know during the past few years. Constant Zoom calls with friends and family have made us very aware of the crucial role technology plays in our lives. Because they grew up in a generation without modern social media platforms and digital ways of contact, many seniors have a difficult time connecting digitally to their friends and family. Please join us in this community project to send letters to the elderly!

Although each letter does not have to be long by any means, we have first-handedly witnessed how touched elderly recipients are from knowing that someone is out there thinking of them. Even though you might believe you are a stranger, we have seen elderly residents decorate their rooms with letters from people they have never met. Your words may be the highlight of someone's day! If you would like to take part in this endeavor, please continue reading to discover how you can contribute!

Each letter should be written without addressing a specific person (some elderly homes would love letters but cannot distribute resident names for confidentiality purposes). The goal is to remind them that you care about their well being! Feel free to include a little bit about yourself and don't hesitate to throw in a corny joke every now and then :)

Be creative! Letters are not merely constrained to words: origami figures, drawings, photographs of nature, etc. are all welcome!

To write a letter digitally please use this form: https://forms.gle/HDcV5uuruuyofBpTA

If you would like to handwrite a letter or submit a piece of artwork: please contact harmonicremedy@gmail.com for submission details and let us know how many letters you are submitting. We don't want your letters to get lost :)

Thank you! For inspiration about what to include and for periodic updates, please check out our social media. We would greatly appreciate it if you could spread the message with friends and family! Together, we can touch the lives of many seniors with a few simple words.

Much love,

The AHR family